Remote monitoring is a process of monitoring the status of your lift stations from a remote location without being on-site. This can include checking pump operation, measuring the hydraulic head in and out, collecting flow data for system analysis, or using your remote access to transmit messages for service requests. It also notifies you when the system has problems.

How is it Used for Wastewater Monitoring?

The wastewater operators link remote monitoring software with their existing system to help them check the status of pumps, check readings for water flow data, or check the status of a lift station in their wireless connected devices.

They can see the real-time information in the wastewater lift station and adjust it accordingly. This gives them a better understanding of how the pump works, which can help reduce energy, water consumption, and pumping costs while optimizing the system. Here is a list of seven benefits of remote monitoring your wastewater lift stations.

1. Non-Stop Remote Monitoring Protection

The software allows you to monitor the wastewater lift station from a remote location 24/7 and helps detect faults immediately. The system monitors power failure, sensor issues, pump cycles, pump failures, or other related problems.

2. It Decreases Travelling Time to and from Wastewater Facilities and Saves Money

It's convenient because you don't have to drive to the site and spend money on fuel, parking, and the time needed for traveling. This is made easier because you can get the information online with the help of your computer or mobile device. This helps you to manage your resources and workforce. This saves you money because of the reduced traveling activities.

3. Helps You to Prevent Downtime

The remote monitoring software helps you to reduce the chances of unexpected pipeline mishaps because you can see any issues immediately. You can see the status of your facilities from a remote location, so you will have time to slow down or adjust your process, preventing any damage to your system and ensuring that it continues running smoothly.

4. Provides Key Information in Real-Time

You can view your data in real-time from anywhere and make timely decisions with remote monitoring software. It provides real-time valve control that is more exact and accurate than manual methods. The software can be customized for different systems, so you will get the actual performance data that meets your needs. With lift station monitoring software, you can also view historical data, so you don't have to worry about missing any information.

5. Quick Failure Notification

The software provides an alarm notification when the pump stops, which can help reduce the chances of a serious outage. This way, you will have time to slow down the pump, lower the head pressure or shut off valves in case of detecting any problems immediately, so your system doesn't experience serious damage.

Remote monitoring software helps to reduce the time and resources needed for maintenance, repair, and service by allowing you to focus on improving your overall system. It enables you to respond to a problem before it becomes catastrophic by providing real-time data at any time. It also allows you to stay on schedule with your pumping cycles and flows to stay within your budget.

6. Helps Teams with the Same Latest Data

The same data is available to teams and can help them better understand the system to make informed decisions regarding increasing and decreasing water flows. The team can monitor the lift station via the online portal at the same time so that they can make better decisions based on the current condition. This makes it easier for them to share information, making it easier for them to coordinate efforts.

7. Remote Monitoring Software Reduces Operating Costs and Improves the Efficiency of your Facility

Remote monitoring software helps you save money on maintenance and service visits. It lets you visualize your data, so you can better manage it. Since you have real-time access to your data at any time, you can better predict maintenance and service needs and adjust the pumping cycle to prevent any issues from occurring.


Remote monitoring software has a lot of benefits in wastewater plants. You can save time and energy while reducing costs. You can also reduce property damage and achieve more growth.