Some babies love bathing time, while some despise it. Bathing your baby is a challenge as your baby may wail and cry during bath time. By using some ideas, you can make bath time fun. Let's see eight items that will make baby baths simple and fun.

1. Bubbles in the tub 

Everyone loves bubbles, and they are an excellent way of distracting too. 

How to make bubbles in the bath

You can blow bubbles yourself by bringing a bubble-making gun in the bath or make them with bubble and soap solution. Take a straw and start blowing bubbles. 

Moreover, you can also fill the tub with bubbles by using a bubble solution. In addition, purchase a bubble maker and attach it to the bathtub. Lots of bubbles will make your baby's bath fun and enjoyable.

Turn it on and see how many bubbles it makes. Watch your baby have fun in the bubbles. 

2. Sponges

You can purchase lots of sponges for bath time for your toddler. 

How sponges give babies a fun time

Babies love squeezing things. Sponges are found everywhere, and they are inexpensive too. They are a great way to strengthen the grip of your baby. Buy some sponges of different colors, shapes, and sizes. This way, your baby can learn colors and shapes. Use one to clean the baby and one for the baby's playtime. Parents can easily cleanse their baby’s scalp with the best cradle cap shampoo while the baby is distracted playing with the fun sponges.

3. Adding a safe mirror

If your baby often cries during bath time, use a mirror to distract your baby. Use a firm plastic mirror that doesn't have any sharp edges.

Benefits of mirror play during bath time

  • Safe and inexpensive 
  • Assists your baby in developing focus
  • Notice facing expressions
  • Enhance the speaking skills
  • Adds texture to the bath
  • Makes bath times easy and simple 

4. Bath music and poems

Introducing music to bath time will make it super fun for you and the toddler. 

Benefits of Music

Introducing music will help enhance the language and cognitive skills of the baby. You can play some poems that will help the child develop an understanding of the sounds and actions going on in the poem. For example, introduce ducks in the bathtub and play the poem "Five little ducks." You can play a different poem every day and customize your bath accordingly. 

For instance, by playing "Row, Row, Row your boat," you can bring some rubber boats to the bathtub. This way, your baby can relate the poems to real life and comprehend their meaning. Your baby can also practice the rhymes during bath time that are taught in school. 

5. Use a plastic doll as a baby.

Make bath times fun times by setting up role plays and pretend games. Babies love imitating their moms. Make them one by giving your baby a plastic doll. During bath time, your baby can also give a bath to the plastic doll. This way, the baby will clearly understand different body parts and the bath time steps in sequence. Giving a bathing responsibility to the baby will increase self-confidence and a feeling of care. 

6. Give a Popsicle

A popsicle can cause a huge mess around the house as it never stops dripping. The smart way to treat your baby with popsicles is during bath time.  It will be a simple way to convince your baby to have a bath. Your baby would love to have a bath because of his favorite popsicle. You will also not have to clean the sugary mess, as it will wash directly down the drain. 

7. A Tub seat

A tub seat is essential when your baby gets old enough to stand during bath times. The tub seat gets attached to the base of your original tub, and most don't move due to suction cups or rubber attached. 

Benefits of tub seats

Tub seats are portable. They can be moved from one tub to another. You can also use it if you don't have a bathtub. Tub seats are safe and don't let the baby slip during bath time. Moreover, they cause the baby to stay in one place and not move around the bathtub. Such tub seats also give babies independence to soap themselves while sitting up or playing with their bath toys. It is a simple way of making bath time safe and easy. 

8. Bathing crayons 

Bathing crayons are an excellent way of letting your baby do whatever they like during bath time. You can introduce new games and help the baby learn numbers and the alphabet during bath time. The best part is that bathing crayons are safe and will not stain the baby's fingers, walls, or bathtub, and it is super easy to wash off the crayon too.


It is essential to make your baby's bath time fun by adding the simple items above. Bathtime essentials like towels and bath mats are apparent, but the essentials mentioned above will surely make your baby love baths with a learning experience.