When a lot of people think of self-care, they automatically think about trips to the spa, pedicures, and indulgent vacations. While those can be forms of self-care, they don't represent the whole picture. One of the most important components of self-care is your physical health regimen. The way you prioritize your health includes securing a primary care physician, updating your insurance coverage, and going to your regular checkups. Consider some of the reasons why healthcare is self-care and why you shouldn't skip your regular checkups.

1. Knowledge is Power

Living in the age of information and technology, it's clear to see that knowledge is power. When people have the tools to learn and know better, this can expand their ability to gain a robust education, acquire wealth, and change the trajectory of their legacy. The sentiment of knowledge equating to power also relates to your well-being.

If you're constantly feeling a discomfort in your chest and you try to dismiss it as a minor issue, in the back of your mind, you're going to worry about what the issue really is. This concern can also bring up a sense of discomfort and angst because you don't know what you're dealing with.

By going to the doctor, you'll get a clear understanding of what's going on, whether it's serious or not, and how to address it moving forward. Doctors can take blood work, do various tests and help you see the right specialists in order to get to the root of an issue that you're facing. You might have fears about the idea of having skin cancer when in reality, you simply have a few non-cancerous moles and need to wear sunscreen. Without a visit to the doctor, you won't know what's happening.

2. Prevention is Better than a Cure

Within the health community, it's known that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means that if you put preventative measures in place, you increase the chances of avoiding dangerous issues in the future.

If you're dealing with challenges with your eyesight, you don't want to strain your eyes in order to try and see better. If you're struggling to see on the road, this could lead to a dangerous car accident. By scheduling regular eye exams with your optometrist, you'll ensure you always have the correct prescription.

Depending on the quality of your eyesight and your vision coverage, you might be able to qualify for eye surgery to get rid of the problem altogether. By putting intentional efforts in place to prevent issues from becoming chronic or deadly, you'll have to see a physician.

3. Early Detection is Life-Saving

Even if there is a serious issue in your body, if you've caught it in the early stages, early detection can save your life. Many people didn't know they had cancer until it was in its final stages. Depending on how aggressive the cancer was, some of the deaths were preventable. By taking tests on an annual basis, staying on top of your physicians, and advocating for yourself, you can play a major role in extending your lifespan.

4. Self-Advocacy

Self-advocacy is a life skill. There's no industry that teaches you this better than the healthcare system. Within the healthcare system, it's important to speak up about your issues, your concerns, and your symptoms. It's even suggested that you get second and third opinions about various issues that you're dealing with. If you want to live a long prosperous life, you'll have to become your own advocate in various ways. However, the healthcare industry helps you to build that muscle as you navigate experiences with healthcare professionals and the information you receive.


If you have anxiety surrounding doctor visits, needles, and the smell of rubbing alcohol, that's totally understandable. Healthcare visits aren't necessarily the easiest experiences. However, fear can't stop you from taking care of yourself. Get to the root of your deep-rooted fear in order to move forward. Ask a family member or loved one to come with you to your check-ups. After a doctor's visit, make room in your schedule for something that you can look forward to. Whether that's a shopping trip or a visit to a favorite restaurant, find ways to mentally engage with the importance of healthcare as a vital point of self-care.