Packing a suitcase is the least favorite thing for a traveler; fitting all essentials in a suitcase can be hectic. After collecting everything you need for a trip, you must optimize the space properly. Airlines have raised baggage fees; therefore, packing light and essential clothes is vital. It is also economical for the traveler. For environmentally-conscious people, it's a greener way to go because it decreases the plane emissions from the overall weight. Some of the best tips to maximize space in your suitcase include:

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the way to go for any traveler. They have many advantages; they allow you to pack more, by compressing everything and sealing it with a zip. Properly folding the clothes in a packing cube is crucial; you can pack in terms of the type of cloth or depend on when you put it on.

They are conveniently shaped to ensure every corner of the suitcase is appropriately utilized. They are good organizers since you pack everything in its cube. They also ensure clothes are not wrinkled since you carefully fold them.

Roll Clothes Instead of Folding

Rolling is one of the oldest tricks, but people still argue folding saves more space. Rolling clothes instead of folding is advantageous since it reduces wrinkles on clothes and avoids harsh lines caused by folding. When rolling, shape the cloth into a rectangle than a cylinder before placing it in the packing cube.

Make a Packing List

After knowing your destination and analyzing the weather, plan the outfits. Outfits depend on the weather, summer clothes are always light, while winter clothes are heavy. When you don't know what to wear, you might pack more than you need. A few extra clothes may be important in case you stain the outfit. Pack your suitcase a few days earlier to avoid confusion.

Pack Travel-Size Products

For toiletries and skincare products, pack the travel-size ones. They are smaller, therefore, less bulky. Cosmetics are bulky so investing in mini containers of the products is crucial. When packing, considers carrying quality perfumes like Missing Person by Phlur; its fragrance lasts for days and comes in travel sizes. Also mini containers of shower gel, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, serum, and creams.

Check Weather Forecast

Knowing the weather of your destination helps in packing. If it is hot, carry light clothes and skin care products for the hot weather. If it is cold or snowing, consider heavy clothes. If the weather is unstable, you could decide to wear heavy clothes when traveling hence reducing the luggage. A heavy jacket mostly has inner pockets that could accommodate extra things like a phone and camera charger and battery. It also applies to heavy shoes; wear them to reduce the space in your suitcase.

Make Use of Unutilized Space

Choose pairs of shoes that can be compressed and fit socks inside. Rolling the belt inside the collar will help keep the collar in shape and save on space. For ladies, pile bras on each other; it will help line up the bra cups. Store some ankle socks inside the bra cups; it saves space and keeps them in shape.

Carry Multi-Use Items

Bring items that are multi-purpose to save on luggage space. A light rain jacket is a windbreaker and shields from the rain. Exercise tights are comfortable clothing worn during exercise and while hiking or walking around. Coconut oil serves many purposes preventing sunburns, hair conditioner, moisturizer, lip balm, body oil, and after-shave cream. For makeup, carry products that serve many uses and can fit in small containers.

Use Vacuum Bags

Packing during winter can be challenging. Avoid overdoing it because you might not find a vacuum where you go. Instead of using a vacuum, manually roll the bag to remove air. They are in the same line as packing cubes, but vacuum bags mostly pack heavy clothes like sweaters.

Do Laundry

When going on a long trip, you cannot pack daily clothing; instead, plan to do laundry. Most hotels offer laundry services where you get to wash and iron your clothes. Fabric choice is also essential choosing light clothes will enable you to wash and wear the cloth after a few hours.

When packing, only carry what you need for the trip; this helps to maximize space in your suitcase. Know the activities, the time you will spend, and the weather of your destination.