Stories about weekends spent in Las Vegas often sound exaggerated. They leave one wondering if they are listening to a brilliant storyteller or a person from an alternate universe. However, the stories are colorful, vivid, exciting, and have a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps one listening and more intrigued.

Preparing for a weekend in fabulous Las Vegas will do more than ensure a good time. Preparing will provide everything you need for an exciting, electrifying, memorable weekend, especially if you plan to be part of the Vegas club scene. Preparing will almost guarantee that you come home with wild stories of your own. With that in mind, some tips to prepare are:

Research a few Clubs in Advance of the Weekend

Search Google for information about the clubs in Las Vegas. Hundreds of clubs are in hotels, and most guests have no trouble finding a club that suits their taste. Searching in advance will also help you determine:

  • The top clubs in Vegas
  • Club distances from your hotel
  • Instructions for booth/table reservation and bottle service
  • Band/DJ/Genre

Don’t Skip Dayclubs

If you want the most out of your weekend in Vegas, don't party all night and sleep the days away. Instead, be prepared to visit the day clubs in Vegas. Some offerings of day clubs and tips for enjoying when visiting Vegas include:

Contact Guest Services to Better Coordinate Your Stay

Whether it's drinks, a meal card, or reserving a cabana to lounge in, this hotel employee can make sure you have access to all amenities the hotel has to offer.

Schedule Pool Side Lounging

It doesn't matter if you plan to be dancing or enjoying the scene while lounging poolside; for a fabulous time, preparation is crucial. That includes leaving your valuables in your room, bringing sunscreen and reapplying it every 30 minutes, and including a cute coverup for venturing beyond the pool.

Plan a Mandatory Self-Care Day

When you need a minute to slow down from the lights and action in Vegas, there is nothing better than enjoying a spa experience. Spa clubs offer relaxation, healing, and mandatory self-care. Therefore, preparing is essential.

Other benefits of self-care and visiting a day spa club are too numerous to list out. However, they include flushing out toxins, increasing energy levels, and leaving the day spa with glowing skin

Dress Comfortably - But Take it up a Notch

How you dress in Vegas will make all the difference between a good time and a great time. In July, temperatures rise as high as 110 degrees and make you wish you could walk around naked. Since that is illegal, even in sin city, some tips for dressing for the clubs are below.

  • Dress to impress
  • Add glitter, bling, and shine
  • Keep your heels high
  • Glam up your hair and makeup

Conversely, there are also apparel items that may deter entry into clubs in Vegas. Clubgoers should leave items such as athletic attire, cut-off shirts, tank tops, and work-style boots in the room. Consider packing a clutch that is large enough to fit ballerina shoes. The night is long and if you opt for wearing high heels you might want to have a spare pair in your bag. You do not want to walk the dirty streets of Las Vegas barefoot after a long day of partying.

Make Safety a Priority

Lastly, make safety a priority when preparing for your trip to Vegas. Read up on staying safe in the airport and the clubs. If you are going to Vegas with friends and plan to venture out of your hotel for an exciting evening, make plans for a designated driver.

Making safety a priority in Vegas includes many of the same points made at any club. Things like not leaving your drink unattended, not taking "mints" from anyone, staying with your group, and staying away from punch bowls, are vital for safety.


Coming home from a trip to Las Vegas with wild, colorful, and exciting stories begins with preparing for your trip. Wether you're preparing for a weekend in Las Vegas with family or friends you're in for an exciting, electrifying, and memorable weekend. Using these tips to prepare will almost guarantee you have the best time imaginable in fabulous Las Vegas.